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Taking Notes


At SLH, we prepare all our students towards achieving outstanding results in their  11+ as a gateway to gaining admission to grammar schools, independent schools of their choice and also gain scholarships to private schools.


We conduct a comprehensive assessment at our entry point for all students so we attract high calibre of students in this cohort because of the competitiveness of this exam. Our primary aim and objective is to ensure that this very competitive group receives the best guidance and coaching through their 11+ journey. This takes the form of weekly assessments in class, regular homework, mock exams. and scheduled interventions. 


Our comprehensive tracking and monitoring processes for individual students and the cohort provides a competitive and thriving environment for all our students to develop  academic skills and achieve outstanding results in their 11+ exam.


Through regular practices student will become familiar with the 11+ Exam Format.


We delighted to say that our 11+ preparation programme focuses on core subjects these  disciplines listed below. 

  1. Verbal Reasoning,

  2. Non-Verbal Reasoning,

  3. Maths

  4. English


We provide intervention sessions during the half term holidays for all students in addition to what we do to prepare you for your exam.


We look forward to welcoming all students and their parents to be a part of what we do.

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