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We provide both online and face-to-face tuition 

Courses We Offer

We provide a learning environment that engages primary and secondary pupils or students during the school closures and beyond.

Tuition and exams preparation



Tuition and exams preparation



We offer Maths (numerical reasoning), Verbal and non- verbal reasoning and Creative writing for both GL and CEM exam boards



We offer both Maths and English


 Private Tuition for SATS, 11+, GCSE & A-LEVELS

Why Splendour Learning Hub


Splendour Learning Hub (SLH) which follows the British National curriculum aims to equip all children between ages 5 – 18 with skills needed to empower them make real difference in their lives. We aim to consistently improve their learning and ensure high quality tuition at affordable and competitive prices.  

At SLH, we only employ qualified teachers and expert tutors who have vast experience in the field of education.  SLH has an extraordinary pass rate and provides a very high standard services that incorporate the core subjects that is; Maths, and English.

We provide monthly assessments to see the areas our learners find most challenging, so we can focus on these areas through early interventions, targeted support and creative teaching methods, to allow all students unlock their full potential.

We promise to work with all parents and students in providing the best learning experience.

To find out more about what we do, please call us on 07812071728.


Splendour Learning Hub

500 Terry Francis

London, WH5 8LS

Tel: 07812071728

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